Computer Aided Dispatch


The Larimore Computer Aided Dispatch System (CAD) takes the job of Call and Resource Management to the next level.

The ability to easily configure both call-taking and dispatching functions is unseen in dispatching systems available to Law Enforcement agencies.

Care has been put into automating processes, creating quick entry tools, and providing the Dispatcher with Mapping Software unrivaled by our peers.

Larimore’s CAD system is designed for today’s State, County and Local levels.

Full-featured software that handles any situation:

  • Supports multi-jurisdictional dispatching
  • Expandable to support multi-agency dispatching – Police, Fire, 
  • Call-taking and dispatching can be combined, or separated
  • System allows dispatcher assignments based on geography, agency, or both
  • Unit recommendations based on call location
  • Ability to quickly dispatch resources to any location by premise name
  • Unique configuration module provides quick access to settings and security features
  • Supports GPS based resource tracking
Computer Aided Design (CAD) Screen Shot

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We can customize any of our Public Safety Software Systems to meet your specific needs.

Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) Mapping

Larimore’s CAD Mapping gives your dispatchers a wealth of critical information at a single glance. It is the ideal complement to the fully integrated Larimore CAD System. A sample of the benefits the system provides include:

  • Once call locations are validated in CAD, they appear on the map
  • Call Zoom and resetting the Map handled through the CAD System or the Map
  • Dispatchers can zoom in on any location to see more detail and can pan the screen once zoomed in
  • Map displays icons that show the units that have been dispatched to the call
  • Extensive information about the call is displayed, including the street address, type of call, units assigned to the call, and more upon a right mouse click
  • Calls with invalid locations are listed for reference with a no-map indicator
  • As 911 calls are received, the map will automatically reposition and display that call, plus any calls around it
  • Has unique icon to quickly identify calls in progress
  • Non-911 calls may also be mapped with a keystroke for any calls that escalate and need to be viewed
  • When the CAD event’s location or call code changes, the map automatically updates without user intervention
  • Phase II Wireless compliant
  • Multiple layers display only what dispatchers want to see
  • Various types of information on the map are each contained in their own “layer” that can be turned on and off by the user
  • Optional layers include: fire hydrants, lakes/rivers, railroad tracks, etc. If hydrant layer is used, hydrants can be labeled as active, inactive, out of service, etc.
  • Layers can be added after the initial installation

Computer Aided Dispatch with Mobile/Smart Device Integration

With the advancements in smart devices, the accessibility to an agency’s in-house databases has never being more desired.

Larimore’s Smart Device Integration Services (SDIS) allows users to have access to strategic mobile applications from any authorized smart device. Based on the agency’s established mobile security privileges, an officer can log into the Larimore Mobile Application Menu on either their phone or tablet, and access applications once only available to Mobile Data Computers.

The Security Administrator has complete control of which devices are authorized to access the Larimore Mobile Application.

Multiple levels of authentication are required to access the Larimore in-house database.

Larimore currently supports iOS and Android based devices.

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