Nearly 50 years of Public Safety Software Innovation!


1970 – Joe Larimore, fresh off of participating in the creation of the forerunner of today’s 9-1-1 emergency response system, starts his own Public Safety Software firm.

1974 – Larimore installs the first Automated CAD (Computer Aided Dispatch) System

1979 – Larimore introduces the first seamlessly integrated CAD and RMS (Records Management System) for First Responders

1980 – Larimore develops the first Computer Assisted Fire Station Remote Notification System

1982 – Larimore releases the first Multi-Agency / Multi-Jurisdictional Police, Fire and EMS CAD System

1990 – Larimore creates customized CAD & RMS Systems for Railroad Police Department

1996 – Larimore offers first fully compliant NIBRS based Field Reporting System

2002 – Larimore releases its unrivaled Situational Analysis & Response (SARS) program

2005 – Larimore integrates with Fail Safe Software to provide further security against critical systems failure

2010 – First Bi-Directional Integration with FatPot

2012 – First Integrated Alarm Sensor Mapping. System has AVL/ARL Interface.

2013 – Larimore introduces wireless Parking Ticket System

2013 – Larimore develops its mobile based version of its CAD / RMS systems allowing officers in the field real time access to critical information

2014 – Larimore demonstrates its ability to integrate with a wide range of external cameras, alarms and other sensors through its work with Boston, MA area police securing the Boston Marathon route the year after the attack.

2014 – Larimore successfully converts all of its programs into the C# language, using the popular .Net framework and Sequel Database.