Human Resource Management System

The Larimore Human Resource Software System is a comprised of six applications designed to give your organization the tools it needs to manage any number of Human Resource and Personnel functions, including:

Like the other Larimore applications, each is built to stand on its own, or to be integrated with any of the other applications.  This gives you the flexibility to purchase only the solutions you actually need.

“The Larimore Scheduling System, like their many other systems, gives us the options we need to easily handle employee tracking and scheduling.”

Officer Jack Evans

Harvard University

Personnel Management System

The Personnel Management System is an integral component of the entire suite of Larimore’s CAD, RMS and Support applications.

In addition to tracking all relevant Personnel and HR information, it can be used to also track personnel skills and career information.

The ability to attach photos, documents, pdf files and many other file types is another key feature of the Personnel Management System.

Key Features

  • Includes modules for all relevant Personnel Information
  • Employee information integrated in all Larimore CAD, RMS and Support apps
  • Establishes the user security profile and login rights for each employee
  • Access privileges for terminated or retired personnel can be locked while still maintaining all employee records
  • Ability to maintain an unlimited number Skill Records such as: Language Proficiencies, Specialized Training in Hazardous Materials Handling & Disposal, Bomb Technician, Negotiator Skills, and others
  • Maintain an unlimited number of records such as Commendations, Special Leaves of Absence, Promotions & Demotions
  • Ability to attach photos, documents, drawings, spreadsheets, recordings, and videos to each record

Scheduling System

To properly manage the day-to-day staffing needs of any agency, a Scheduling Management System, such as Larimore’s, is critical.

The Larimore Scheduling System is widely praised by our clients, whose lives are made easier by the software.  Our system provides all the tools your department needs to create and manage yearly schedules that only require adjustments when the status of an employee changes.

It’s built-in tracking system monitors sick time, overtime, vacation time, and other needed data. And extensive security allows the administrator to set individual access rights for each employee.

Build schedules with a minimum of effort:

  • Template-driven system allows the agency to build a wide variety of schedules
  • Highly automated—create an entire year’s schedule using pre-defined templates
  • Accommodates both rotation and cycle based schedules, or build an entirely unique template
  • Create schedules by individual, multiple individuals, or an entire Scheduling Group
  • Easily transfer employee assignments and track any of these changes
  • Agency defined work status codes, and rules based balance adjustments

Daily changes can be made with ease

  • Changes to an individual’s schedule can be made daily or for several days at a time (i.e. extended injury, training)
  • Each employee day record can accommodate up to 12 different work statuses between the primary day record and split day record
  • Employees can view their own schedules and current balances
  • Extensive security allows access rights to be set for each employee

Management Reports 

  • Reports allow administrators to avoid manpower shortages and track schedule balances easily
  • Reports on Overtime to ensure it is equitably distributed.
  • Daily, Monthly and Annual Work Schedules Status/Day Analysis Report
  • Statistical Analysis Reports

Training System

Proper tracking of employee training is important for staff planning and liability management, and Larimore’s Training System gives your agency every tool needed to enter courses, create training sessions for each course, and assign employees to the appropriate training sessions.

Navigating the training modules is intuitive, and the system will monitor all collect and provide reports for all training records.

Key Features

  • Ability to create an unlimited number of Training Courses
  • Ability to assign an unlimited number of employees (Attendees) to sessions
  • Ability to capture Training Results
  • Supports email reminders to attendees up to two (2) weeks in 
advance of class
  • Ad Hoc inquiry tool to facilitate multi-loading class attendees
  • Ability to track training costs and recertification requirements
  • Powerful search tools by employee, course, date and more.

Management Reports

  • Training Report by Employee
  • Training Report By Category
  • Title Recertification
  • Expiration Report
  • Training Cost Analysis

Asset Management System

The Asset Management application provides the system needed to gather and track all information related to property owned by the agency.

The user can track all assignments of property by Employee, Vehicle or Physical Location.

The history of all assignments is retained, and the system also allows for the tracking of service and repairs performed on any agency asset.

Key Features

  • Ability to enter all information related to property owned by the agency
  • Ability to enter and track service and repairs performed
  • Robust ‘Search’ functions are fast and easy to use.
  • Search parameters can be performed by Property or by Assignment:

Search parameters include: Property Type, Serial Number, Agency Assigned Number, Employee ID, Vehicle ID, location, office, and others

  • Sample of Management Reports
  • By Type of Property
  • By Employee
  • By Location

Internal Affairs System

The Larimore Internal Affairs System allows investigators to easily manage cases and monitor potential employee issues.

Severity thresholds can be established for each complaint type, allowing for meaningful employee review and response to potential liability exposure.

System allows for dynamic searches based upon Employee, Name, Complaint Type, and many more.

Investigative management simplified

  • Record all data related to the investigation such as reported date, names of individuals related to the investigation, current status and more
  • System allows investigators to associate multiple complaints with multiple employees within a single investigation
  • Tracks all individuals associated with the case, including Complainant, Witnesses, Guardians
  • Comprehensive tracking on all work performed, findings, and disciplinary actions
  • Flexible security settings allow investigators to restrict authorizations
  • System supports attaching most file types to each investigation, including Word, Excel, pdf, jpeg, bitmap, video, etc. Attachments are stored securely within the SQL database
  • Integrates with Personnel System to link employees to Investigation