Records Management System (“RMS”)

The Larimore Records Management System (RMS) is a robust integrated system comprised of over fifteen stand-alone applications. The system is capable of delivering exactly the information your organization needs, when you need it, matching the way you work.

With seamless multi-jurisdictional data sharing capabilities, we connect and integrate vital department data, leading to greater safety and operational efficiencies for your organization.

Please talk to us about our ability to customize our many applications to meet your specific operational requirements.

Arrests and Booking Software Screen Shot

“The Larimore Scheduling System, like their many other systems, gives us the options we need to easily handle employee tracking and scheduling.”

Officer Jack Evans

Harvard University Police Department

Incident Reporting System

The Larimore Incident Reporting System is flexible, user friendly, and excels at capturing and delivering the information your agency needs in the most efficient manner.

Whether used as a stand-alone system, or fully integrated with other Larimore systems (CAD, Arrest & Booking, Case Management, others), Incident Reporting is an extremely powerful reporting tool for Law Enforcement agencies.

It is designed to publish high quality, self-building Case Reports. Each Incident Report will dynamically expand to include each type of record entered. The System gives your Administrator the ability to build any number of unique templates, based on Incident type, while the user is guided through the entire report entry process.  

Fully integrated with the Master Name and Master Vehicle Systems, users can pull previously entered information into the Incident Report with a few keystrokes. Partial reports are saved and can be restarted at a later time.

Officers and their supervisors benefit from true supplement reporting, with unlimited supplemental entries per Incident, as well as from the system’s effortless report submission, correction, and approval process.    

Seamlessly integrated with the Larimore UCR/NIBRS System, data is captured to ensure accurate submissions to the State. An enhanced Accident Reporting module is also available if accident drawings and a State authorized report need to capture data from Incident entries.

Powerful Searches, Reports & Comprehensive Data Analysis:

  • Robust ‘Search’ functions are fast and easy to use; search parameters include name, premise, address, incident classification code, property, and many, many more
  • Ability to attach photos, documents, drawings, spreadsheets, recordings, and videos
  • Suite of standard management reports including analysis by Day, Time, Location, Campus, Precinct, Premises
  • Reports can be linked to specific locations: buildings, parking areas, other sites for meaningful crime analysis
  • Unique configuration module provides quick access to settings and security features.
Incident Reporting System

Arrest & Booking System

Larimore provides agencies with one of the most versatile Arrest & Booking Systems on the Public Safety market.

Our system is user friendly, flexible, and powered by the latest Intuitive Workflow technology.

The Arrest & Booking System has the ability to interface with leading AFIS software products to manage the Booking Photo process, using Smartshot™ software.

Full-featured software that handles any situation

  • Administrator built templates can be used to facilitate a standardized Arrest & Booking process
  • These templates can be suspended at any time during entry to allow a more free-form entry process
  • If entry process is interrupted, booking will auto-restart at the point it was exited

Additional Features

  • Seamless integration with UCR or NIBRS
  • Photo integration with SmartShot™, Clearview™, TFP™, 
LiveScan™, Mugshot, and more
  • Compose lineups from photos stored as part of the Larimore Booking process
  • Ability to search photo database based on
: Date Arrested, Age, Height, Weight, Sex, Race, Eye Color, Hair Color, Hair Style, Hair Length, Facial Hair, Skin, Build, Teeth, Handed, Glasses, Contacts, Scars, Marks, Tattoos
  • Ability to attach photos, documents, drawings, recordings, and videos
  • A full suite of Booking Forms and Analysis Reports, including:
    • Arrest & Booking
    • Arrest Log
    • Medical
    • Property Forms-Criminal History
    • Officer Statistics
    • Arrest Statistics
    • Prisoner Activity
    • Inmate Population
Arrest and Booking System for Law Enforcement Software

Uniform Crime Reporting/NIBRS System

The Larimore Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) System streamlines your agency’s Crime Reporting process by pulling the relevant data from Incident and Arrest reports. This eliminates duplication of data entry, as well as protecting your agency from input errors.

The System can handle an array of standard state specific UCR forms. It also has built in audit functions to prevent the submission of inaccurate data. Supervisors have the ability to review all potential errors highlighted by the audit feature prior to the report being compiled.


Incident Reporting System

Case Management System

The Larimore Case Management System is a multi-tabbed based application that provides all the tools your Detectives and Investigation Bureau Supervisors need to enter, assign, and monitor ongoing Case Investigations.

Investigators can enter, view and manage all of their work records and assignments. Integrated with the Incident Reporting and Master Name systems to provide seamless information transfer, the Case Management System provides supervisors the timely updates they need as Investigators update cases.

Supervisors can assign multiple investigators to one case, restrict access to who can view individual cases, and restrict who is authorized to make entries and changes. An automated record is maintained of all entries and edits in the system, recording who made them and when.

The Case Management System gives your department a robust solution to case queries and case reporting, with numerous search functions, and a vast array of Investigator and Management Reports.

Key Features

  • Ability to enter and track multiple complainant and victims
  • Ability to assign an unlimited number of investigators to a case
  • User can attach photos, documents, drawings, spreadsheets, recordings, videos
  • Previously entered information can be pulled from Master Name system with a few keystrokes
  • Robust ‘Search’ functions, fast and easy to use. Search parameters include: Case #, Assigned Date, Investigator, Date, Investigative Status, and Reporting Office.

Sample of Management Reports

  • Case Abstract
  • Officer’s Daily Activity
  • Officer’s Daily Activity (Supervisor)
  • Past Due Assignments
  • Assignments by Officer, Case Number
  • Work Analysis by Officer or Case Number


Property/Evidence Tracking System

The Larimore Property/Evidence Tracking System is a full-featured integrated system used to document, organize, and manage all of your agency’s Property and Evidence needs.

Fully integrated with our Incident Reporting System, Property and Evidence information is easily imported from the Incident Report, eliminating duplicating entries and input errors.

A case number that corresponds with the related Incident Report tracks each item in the Property/Evidence Tracking System. The items can be searched under any number of queries, including Property Type, Inventory number, serial number, VIN, Case number, plus many others.

The system can also separate Property from Vehicles, to accommodate agencies with impound lots and vehicle auctions.

Key Benefits

  • System allows multiple quantities of identical items-no need to be entered separately
  • User can attach photos, documents, drawings, spreadsheets, recordings, and videos
  • Transaction based entries allow property custodian to track chain of custody
  • Administrators can produce a report to determine which evidence can be destroyed
  • Robust ‘Search’ functions are fast, and easy to use, and include:

Case Number, Inventory Number, Property Type, Disposition Date, Disposition Type, Brand, Serial Number, Vehicle License, VIN, Make, and others.


Field Interview System

The Field Interview System is much more than a historical tracking of officer-based interviews. It provides timely access to crucial information for investigators.

The system has been designed to allow grouping of multiple individuals involved in a single officer generated contact. This allows users the ability to view all persons involved in a single Field Interview contact.

The Larimore Field Interview System also incorporates a ‘duplicate’ feature, which quickly replicates pertinent information between multiple contacts, assuring validity of common data.

Key Features:

  • Fully integrated with the Master Name system. Automatically updates with F.I. entries. Previously entered information can be pulled from Master Name system with just a few keystrokes
  • Ability to group multiple individuals for single FI contact
  • Duplicate feature accelerates the entry of multiple contacts
  • Robust ‘Search’ functions are fast and easy to use. Search 
parameters include names, physical characteristics, gang association, F.I. location, vehicle information, and many more.
  • Ability to attach photos, documents, drawings, spreadsheets, recordings, and videos

Citation System

Larimore’s Citation System is a multi-tabbed application that stores and tracks all citations issued by your agency.

It provides you with the ability to easily import name, vehicle and location information from the related Incident Report.

The agency can define the Violation types to track, such as Traffic Violations, Parking Violations, Ordinance Violations, etc.

Key Features

  • Integrated with Incident Reporting System to provide seamless transfer of Name, Vehicle and Location information.
  • Easy to use duplicate feature allows the user to replicate data from one Citation to another when entering multiple violations for the same defendant.
  • Ability to track Court/Disposition information
  • Robust ‘Search’ functions. Search 
parameters include Ticket No, Name, Offense Date, Violation 
Type, and others
  • Fully integrated with Master Name and Master Vehicle systems, which automatically update based on the Name or Vehicle entries
  • Previously entered information can be pulled from Master Name or Master Vehicle system with just a few keystrokes

Warrant Tracking System

The Larimore Warrant System is a flexible system to handle gathering and managing all relevant Warrant Information.

The primary warrant record stores the Name, Address, and Vehicle information associated with the person named on the Warrant.

The system can also track all activities related to each warrant, including date of issuance, dates of service attempts, date warrant was served, bond amount, and any number of other data needs.

Dispatchers using the Larimore CAD System will be alerted if contact is made by name or vehicle with anyone in the Warrant System.

Key Features

  • Ability to enter all information related to the Warrant including name, address, vehicle, warrant type, warrant number, review date, court issuing, bail amount, etc.
  • Ability to enter Transaction records for tracking of service attempts and contacts with individual.
  • Robust ‘Search’ functions. Search 
parameters include Names, Warrant Number, Warrant Date, 
Status Date, Address, and others
  • Fully integrated with Master Name and Master Vehicle 
systems, automatically updating those based on the Name or Vehicle entries.
  • Previously entered information can be pulled from Master 
Name or Master Vehicle system with just a few keystrokes.


Management Reports

  • Warrant Case Abstract
  • Warrant Activity Log
  • Master Warrant List
  • Status Summary Listing

Restraining Order System

The Larimore Restraining Order System gives agencies the tool they need to effectively collect and track all relevant Restraining Order Information.

The system supports the entry of both Plaintiff and Defendant information, and can also track each activity related to the order, including when an order was received, when service attempts were made, when the order was actually served, and other pertinent facts.

If the agency has the Larimore CAD System, dispatchers will be alerted if contact is made with a name or vehicle in the Restraining Order System.

Key Features

  • Ability to enter all information related to the Plaintiff and Defendant including vehicles and addresses
  • Robust ‘Search’ functions, with parameters including Plaintiff and Defendant Names, Restraining Order Issue Date, Date of Expiration, Location, and more
  • Fully integrated with Master Name and Master Vehicle systems, automatically updates based on the Name or Vehicle entries
  • Previously entered information can be pulled from Master Name or Master Vehicle system with just a few keystrokes


Sample of Management Reports 

  • Restraining Order Case Abstract
  • Expired or Expiring Orders
  • Active Orders
  • Orders Served

Towed Vehicle System

Larimore’s Towed Vehicle System provides an online registry of towed vehicles, and allows you to cross-reference impounded or towed vehicle records with vehicle records stored in other Larimore applications, such as Incident and Arrest records.

Record everything related to a Tow

  • System records all details surrounding the tow: license plate information, vehicle identification, location from which vehicle was towed, the tow lot where the vehicle was towed, and if the tow was at the request of the police or a citizen
  • Each vehicle entered is verified against the Master Vehicle file – users can see if the vehicle has been logged in another system, such as an Incident, Arrest, Citation, or Parking Ticket
  • User can also view list of all contacts associated with the vehicle, and whether any of them were previously recorded – if so, those records, such as Incident or Arrest records, can also be viewed
  • Tow fees can also be tracked and updated
  • Searching powerful and simple and can be done by vehicle, by contact name, by date, by location, and many more parameters


Standard reports Included:

  • Released-vehicle cost schedule
  • Tow activity log
  • Tow abstract report that prints all details associated with a single tow

Applicant | Registration

No matter the type of application – liquor license, firearm license, etc. – this system allows you to track every detail.

Key Features:

  • Easily determine if applicants are already in your system
  • Robust searching and reporting
  • Track state required information


Larimore Associates’ Registration System gives your department the ability to automate the process of just about any type of registration records.

  • Detailed records, simple entry
  • Management and searching made easy

Intelligence System

The Intelligence System provides investigators with timely alerts when patrol personnel make contact with a Person, Vehicle or Location which is of interest to investigators. Based on the set of applications installed at the agency; CAD, Incident, Arrest, Field Interview or Trespass, when contact is made, investigators are contacted by Text and/or Email, information regarding the contact.

Investigative Personnel can set the level of notification to be as subtle as an email notifying them of the contact or as urgent as a text to notify someone immediately. Other than the investigative personnel, no other person has knowledge of the notification, leaving it up to the investigator how to handle the situation.

Key Features:

  • Intelligence Module
  • Notification Service
  • Management Report

Smart Device/Field Report Writing System

With the advancements in smart devices, the accessibility to a Public Safety agency’s in-house databases has never being more desired. Using Larimore’s Smart Device Integration Services (SDIS), users now have access to strategic mobile applications from any authorized smart device.

When an agency has purchased and installed Larimore’s Incident Reporting System, they are able to use Larimore’s Smart Device Interface to perform Officer based Field Report Writing. Reports can be entered, modified and submit for approval using this application. Larimore currently supports iOS and Android based devices. 

The Security Administrator has complete control of which devices are authorized to access the Larimore Mobile Application. If a device is lost or stolen, the administrator can disable the user’s Larimore account, rendering the Larimore Mobile application useless. Multiple levels of authentication is required to access the Larimore in-house database.

Key Features:

  • Record Types included.... Report Control, Incident Summary, Offense, Name, Property, Vehicle, Narrative, Photo Attachments
  • Supports full report workflow control including.... Secure, Release, Submit, Retract
  • Narrative is saved to the database every two minutes to minimize data loss if phone dies or losses cell connection
  • Logs when user Adds or Edits records to Case History
  • Libraries are dynamically loaded when needed. No data is stored locally on the device
  • Users can attach photos to a case, that were previously taken, by selecting them from their devices’ Photo Gallery
  • Users can view all supported file types attached to their case
  • Data access is protected from SQL injections, since
    direct data access is not permitted from the device