“The Larimore system has increased our optics. It has put critical information at our fingertips, and given us more control of the information.”

Officer Mike Bischoff
Officer, Valencia College

“The Larimore Scheduling System, like their many other systems, gives us the options we need to easily handle employee tracking and scheduling.”

Officer Jack Evans
Officer, Harvard University

“During the last 24 years I have worked with Larimore Associates, the most impressive factor has been the quality of their software systems. Larimore’s programmers design their customizable software systems as if they themselves will be using them. The result is a highly functional, easy to use system.”

Officer Scott Wilder
Brookline, MA Police Department

“It is no small feat that out of all of the connected CADs in Boston, Larimore is the first vendor to complete a bidirectional CAD interface with FATPOT’s fusionPLATFORM™!”

Jonathan Mitchell
VP Sales and Marketing
FATPOT Technologies