History of Public Safety Software Innovation!


1970 – Joe Larimore, fresh off of participating in the creation of the forerunner of today’s 9-1-1 emergency response system, started his own Public Safety Software firm

1974 –Installed the first automated Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) and Records Management System (RMS)

1979 – Introduced the first seamlessly integrated CAD and RMS (Records Management System) for First Responders

1979 – Released the first customized CAD/RMS software for a Mass Transit Agency

1982 – Released the first Multi-Agency / Multi-Jurisdictional Police, Fire and EMS CAD System

1990 – Created a method of duplicating critical files through Disk Mirroring software to provide a redundant backup should a primary disk drive fail

1991 – Implemented first Public Safety software for the Microsoft Windows 3.1 environment

1992 – Creates first customized integrated Personnel/Scheduling with CAD/RMS systems specifically for Police and Fire Departments

1993 – Implemented first Public Safety software for the Microsoft Windows 3.1 environment running on Microsoft NT Server

1994 – Develops one of the first E911/CAD Interfaces in the State of New Jersey and within weeks reduces response time and saves the life of an infant

1995 – Developed one of the first Dynamic Call/Unit Mapping Interfaces with CAD

1995 –Implemented first Public Safety GUI Interface running on Microsoft NT Server

1996 – Larimore offers first fully compliant NIBRS based Field Reporting System

1996 – Implemented the first Statewide CAD System for the New Jersey State Police.  Provided critical statewide resource management during the 9/11 Attack on the World Trade Center

1996 – Offered first fully compliant NIBRS based Field Reporting System

2003 – Transitioned from a proprietary, non-open database architecture to the  Microsoft SQL Server environment, with no loss of data to existing customers

2003 – Implemented software to manage Arrest Mugshot Photos and Lineups

2004 – Introduced software specifically for Campus Public Safety Agencies (Colleges/Universities), which included systems for Clery Day Log and Clery Statistics

2005 – Integrated with Fail Safe Software to provide further security against critical systems failure

2008 – Implemented the ability to attach all file types to all major systems including: Incident, Arrest, Case Management, Warrant, Premise, Personnel, Scheduling, and Internal Affairs

2010 –First Bi-Directional CAD to CAD Integration with CADFusion from FatPot

2012 – First Integrated Alarm Sensor Mapping.System has AVL/ARL Interface

2013 – Introduced wireless Parking Ticket System

2014 – Integrated a wide range of external cameras, alarms and other sensors to help secure the Boston Marathon route the year after the attack

2014 – Rewrote all of its application software in Microsoft C#, using the popular .Net framework and Microsoft SQL Server

2014 – Developed and Deployed one of the first Real-Time integrated CAD/RMS trend analysis, resource allocation, crime analysis mapping tools

2015 – Developed CAD Mobile software for iOS and Android based devices

2017 – Developed Field Reporting software for iOS and Android handheld devices, and integrated the handheld photo import process with the Incident Reporting System