Law Enforcement 

The Larimore suite of Public Safety Software Solutions is the most comprehensive system offered to Law Enforcement anywhere.

It was built around multiple stand-alone applications that can be seamlessly integrated with other Larimore applications, as well as interfaced with many third party programs.

This modular approach ensures your department utilizes only those functions it needs.

Whether you represent a large agency looking for an integrated system or a small agency looking for a maintenance-free, scalable solution, Larimore can provide you with the cutting-edge public safety technology you need.

“There on 9/11”
Larimore’s Public Safety software directed the entire State Police of New Jersey operations on that tragic day.  It was our system that drove New Jersey’s response that day and during the following months. From deploying emergency responses, to gathering critical data on the severity of the attacks the system worked seamlessly.

We can customize any of our Public Safety Software Systems to meet your specific needs.

Larimore’s CAD system is designed for today’s State, County and Local levels.

Our clients tell us the FBI will note in their routine audits that the functionality of Larimore Records System makes it one of the most efficient audits they perform.

We can customize any of our software solutions to meet your needs

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