Personnel Management System

The Personnel Management System is an integral component of the entire suite of Larimore’s CAD, RMS and Support applications.

In addition to tracking all relevant Personnel and HR information, it can be used to also track personnel skills and career information.

The ability to attach photos, documents, pdf files and many other file types is another key feature of the Personnel Management System.

Key Features

  • Includes modules for all relevant Personnel Information
  • Employee information integrated in all Larimore CAD, RMS and Support apps
  • Establishes the user security profile and login rights for each employee
  • Access privileges for terminated or retired personnel can be locked while still maintaining all employee records
  • Ability to maintain an unlimited number Skill Records such as: Language Proficiencies, Specialized Training in Hazardous Materials Handling & Disposal, Bomb Technician, Negotiator Skills, and others
  • Maintain an unlimited number of records such as Commendations, Special Leaves of Absence, Promotions & Demotions
  • Ability to attach photos, documents, drawings, spreadsheets, recordings, and videos to each record

The Larimore Human Resource Software System is a comprised of six applications designed to give your organization the tools it needs to manage any number of Human Resource and Personnel functions, including:

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