Larimore Smart Sensor Integration

The newest challenge in information and intelligence gathering for Public Safety is the need to integrate video and a host of other disparate surveillance or “smart” sensor products into the existing CAD & RMS Systems.

These new smart sensor products are being deployed to source more information and mitigate risk in the mission of delivering everyone’s safety. Larimore is on the cutting edge of these developments, and can offer customers the integration of video and smart sensors as another source of “Calls for Service” and another source of information when making real-time dispatch decisions.

Dispatchers handle calls for service from the public, 911, personnel in the field, NCIC/CJIS and MDC requests, and other conventional types of alarms such as fire and burglar, and they will now be receiving alerts initiated with video data, gun-shot detection alarms, license plate readers, thermal imagers, access control and a host of other sensor types.

Larimore’s wealth of experience and subject matter expertise in the CAD/RMS/MDC software applications area led to the development of its Smart Sensor applications, understanding that Dispatchers will need the tools, like standard operating procedure directives and customized CONOPS associated with responding to these new smart sensors.

The Larimore CAD/RMS system becomes the hub of a much larger integrated system solution that can lead to unrivaled real-time situational awareness and response.

It is no small feat that out of all of the connected CADs in Boston, Larimore is the first vendor to complete a bidirectional CAD interface with FATPOT’s fusionPLATFORM™!

Jonathan Mitchell

VP Sales and Marketing, FATPOT Technologies