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Specialty Applications

In addition to our CAD, RMS, and Human Resource Management suite of applications, Larimore has developed Specialty Applications to solve critical operational needs of various Public Safety Agencies.

A sampling of these applications provide the tools needed for:

Tell us what your Public Safety software needs are, and let’s work together to create a solution that meets both your primary and specialty software needs.

“The flexibility of the system is awesome. We appreciate their team’s willingness to provide custom tweaks for our optimal use.”

Officer Mike Bischoff

Valencia College

Computer Aided Design (CAD) Screen Shot
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Situation Analysis & Response System (SARS)

Create an accurate, detailed record, response analysis and assessment of a wide variety of situations with Larimore’s unique Situation Analysis and Response System (SARS). Through this system your Department can identify trouble areas in your jurisdiction such as suspected drug houses, locations with excessive noise, etc., and then track the formulated response to the situation through surveillance, raids, or undercover operations.  Response analysis and assessments can then be applied to make future assignments more effective.

Key Features:

  • Detailed records, insightful analysis
  • Flexible yet powerful security & searches
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State Accident Reporting

Larimore Associates, Inc. offers their fully integrated State Accident Reporting process as a component of their Incident Reporting System. Accidents that result in arrests and/or follow-up reports can be entered without switching between reporting modules. This flexible process makes any accident event easily reportable without compromising the needs of a truly integrated Report Writing System.

Key Features:

  • Accident Reporting
  • Full Featured – User Friendly drawing tool

Easy Street Draw is a product of Trancite Logic Systems.

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Private Job | Detail System

Larimore’s highly customizable Private Job (Detail) System is designed to accommodate the rules pertaining to the way your Department manages the assignment of off-duty work. The unique Private Job System is built on a highly flexible framework that is customized to your Department’s operations. Rate codes and acceptance/refusal codes can be adjusted after the system is installed, providing your Department the capability to adjust your system as necessary to meet new guidelines without requiring programming work.

  • Customized to meet your needs
  • Easy for officers to use
  • Powerful tools for administrators

Full suite of available standard reports, including:

  • Call-out List
  • Officers Missing Hours
  • Acceptance Log
  • Missing Account Numbers
  • Assignments Report
  • Worked Report
  • Payroll Report
  • Account Summary Report
  • Selections Report
  • Hours Offered Report
  • Overdue Billing Statements
  • Company Account Report
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Parking Ticket System

Larimore Associates’ Parking Ticket System is the ultimate solution for departments seeking an easy-to-use package that tracks tickets from entry to payment.

This system allows your department to automate the process of tracking and recording payments on tickets – saving time and ensuring that no revenue is lost.

  • Flexible, configurable system
  • Powerful reports ensure accuracy
  • Suite of standard management reports include:
  • Print Tickets for One Vehicle
  • Violations Summary Report
  • Citation Report
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Outstanding Violation by Owner
  • Cash Receipts Journal
  • Tow and Hold List
  • Out of State Delinquent Report
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Asset Management

Asset Management is a multi-tabbed based application which allows the entry and tracking of all property owned by the agency. The user can track all assignments of property by Employee, Vehicle or Physical Location. All history of assignments is retained. This system also supports the tracking of Service/Repairs performed for any of these items.

Key Features

  • Ability to enter all information related to property owned by the agency.
  • Ability to Assign property to Employees, Vehicles or Location. All history of assignments is retained.
  • Ability to enter and track Service/Repairs performed. All history of service and repairs is maintained.
  • Robust ‘Search’ functions are fast and easy to use; search parameters can be performed by Property or by Assignment and include property type, serial number, agency assigned no., employee ID, vehicle ID, brand, location, office, etc..