Software Interfaces

Larimore is the interface expert.  Here is just a short list of interfaces implemented by Larimore to satisfy communication needs and requirements for our customers:


  • E911 Phase II/NG911/ANI/ALI Interface (Multi-Vendor connections)
  • Mapping Solutions
    • CAD Mapping (ESRI 10.X)
    • Sensor Tracking/Proximity Awareness with Sonar & Radar Data Feeds (ESRI 10.X)
  • State/NCIC Interfaces
  • Alarm Interfaces
    • Keltron DMP703 Digitizer – Fire Alarm Interface
    • SurGard-System 1 Receiver – Toll Booth/Money Vault Alarm Interface
    • AFC CCS(Automatic Fare Collection Central Computer System)
  • AFIS (Automated Fingerprint Identification System)
    • Comnetix
    • Dataworks
    • CrossMatch
    • LiveScan
    • Clearview
  • Booking Photo Integration
    • Smartshot (Hunter System Group)
  • Data Sharing
    • Omega Group (CrimeView)
    • CopLink (Data Mining)
    • SWISS (Automated Report Submission – Web Service/XML)
    • Cargo Damage Submission – IBM Mainframe
    • Motorola – Premier Mobile Solution
    • ProQA (Police/Fire/Medical)
    • Firehouse – FH CAD Monitor
    • Fire Rescue Systems
    • CADFusion/FatPot
  • Accident Drawing
    • Easy Street Draw
  • Payment Interfaces (Parking Ticket System)
    • ITG (CSV File Exchange)
    • Velosom, Inc. VcitePlus (FTP Connection)
    • Duncan Solutions/Citation Management (VPN/SQL Connection)
    • Collection Service (CSV File Exchange)
  • Municipal Payroll Systems

“It is no small feat that out of all of the connected CADs in Boston, Larimore is the first vendor to complete a bidirectional CAD interface with FATPOT’s fusionPLATFORM™!”

Jonathan Mitchell

VP Sales and Marketing, FATPOT Technologies