Internal Affairs System

The Larimore Internal Affairs System allows investigators to easily manage cases and monitor potential employee issues.

Severity thresholds can be established for each complaint type, allowing for meaningful employee review and response to potential liability exposure.

System allows for dynamic searches based upon Employee, Name, Complaint Type, and many more.

Investigative management simplified

  • Record all data related to the investigation such as reported date, names of individuals related to the investigation, current status and more
  • System allows investigators to associate multiple complaints with multiple employees within a single investigation
  • Tracks all individuals associated with the case, including Complainant, Witnesses, Guardians
  • Comprehensive tracking on all work performed, findings, and disciplinary actions
  • Flexible security settings allow investigators to restrict authorizations
  • System supports attaching most file types to each investigation, including Word, Excel, pdf, jpeg, bitmap, video, etc. Attachments are stored securely within the SQL database
  • Integrates with Personnel System to link employees to Investigation

The Larimore Human Resource Software System is a comprised of six applications designed to give your organization the tools it needs to manage any number of Human Resource and Personnel functions, including:

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