Scheduling System 

The Larimore Scheduling System is critical to managing the day-to-day staffing needs of any agency.  Our template-driven, highly automated system provides all the invaluable tools your department needs to create and manage yearly schedules that only require adjustments when the status of an employee changes.

It’s built-in tracking system monitors sick time, overtime, vacation time, and other needed data. Extensive security allows the administrator to set individual access rights for each employee.

Key Features:

  • Accommodates both rotation and cycle based schedules, or build an entirely unique template
  • Create schedules by individual, multiple individuals, or an entire Scheduling Group
  • Easily transfer employee assignments and track any of these changes
  • Agency defined work status codes, and rules based balance adjustments
  • Daily changes and Management Reports can be made with ease

The Larimore Human Resource Software System is a comprised of six applications designed to give your organization the tools it needs to manage any number of Human Resource and Personnel functions, including:

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