Arrest & Booking System

Larimore provides agencies with one of the most comprehensive and versatile Arrest & Booking Systems on the Public Safety market.

Powered by the latest Intuitive Workflow technology, the Arrest & Booking System interfaces with leading AFIS software products to manage the Booking Photo process, using Smartshot™ software. The Larimore System also has photo integration with SmartShot™, Clearview™, TFP™, 
LiveScan™, Mugshot, and more.

The multi-tabbed Arrest/Booking form collects Name, Offense, Vehicle, Property, Custody, Activity Tracking, Visitor Tracking, Notifications and File Attachments.

The System is also fully integrated with Larimore’s UCR/NIBRS System to automate crime reporting.  

Administrator built templates can be used to facilitate a standardized Arrest & Booking process, and if the entry process is interrupted, the booking will auto-start at the point it was exited.

Additional Features

  • Ability to search photo database based on
: Date Arrested, Age, Height, Weight, Sex, Race, Eye Color, Hair Color, Hair Style, Hair Length, Facial Hair, Skin, Build, Teeth, Handed, Glasses, Contacts, Scars, Marks, Tattoos
  • Ability to attach photos, documents, drawings, recordings, and videos to an Arrest/Booking file.
  • A full suite of Booking Forms and Analysis Reports, including: 
    • Arrest & Booking Log
    • Medical
    • Property Forms
    • Criminal History
    • Officer Statistics
    • Arrest Statistics
    • Prisoner Activity
    • Inmate Population


Arrest Booking System
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