Property/Evidence Tracking System

The Larimore Property/Evidence Tracking System is a full-featured integrated system used to document, organize, and manage all of your agency’s Property and Evidence needs.

Fully integrated with our Incident Reporting System, Property and Evidence information is easily imported from the Incident Report, eliminating duplicating entries and input errors.

A case number that corresponds with the related Incident Report tracks each item in the Property/Evidence Tracking System. The items can be searched under any number of queries, including Property Type, Inventory number, serial number, VIN, Case number, plus many others.

The system can also separate Property from Vehicles, to accommodate agencies with impound lots and vehicle auctions.

Key Benefits

  • System allows multiple quantities of identical items-no need to be entered separately
  • User can attach photos, documents, drawings, spreadsheets, recordings, and videos
  • Transaction based entries allow property custodian to track chain of custody
  • Administrators can produce a report to determine which evidence can be destroyed
  • Robust ‘Search’ functions are fast, and easy to use, and include:

Case Number, Inventory Number, Property Type, Disposition Date, Disposition Type, Brand, Serial Number, Vehicle License, VIN, Make, and others.