Towed Vehicle System

Larimore’s Towed Vehicle System provides an online registry of towed vehicles, and allows you to cross-reference impounded or towed vehicle records with vehicle records stored in other Larimore applications, such as Incident and Arrest records.

Record everything related to a Tow

  • System records all details surrounding the tow: license plate information, vehicle identification, location from which vehicle was towed, the tow lot where the vehicle was towed, and if the tow was at the request of the police or a citizen
  • Each vehicle entered is verified against the Master Vehicle file – users can see if the vehicle has been logged in another system, such as an Incident, Arrest, Citation, or Parking Ticket
  • User can also view list of all contacts associated with the vehicle, and whether any of them were previously recorded – if so, those records, such as Incident or Arrest records, can also be viewed
  • Tow fees can also be tracked and updated
  • Searching powerful and simple and can be done by vehicle, by contact name, by date, by location, and many more parameters

Standard reports Included:

  • Released-vehicle cost schedule
  • Tow activity log
  • Tow abstract report that prints all details associated with a single tow