Restraining Order System

The Larimore Restraining Order System gives agencies the tool they need to effectively collect and track all relevant Restraining Order Information.

The system supports the entry of both Plaintiff and Defendant information, and can also track each activity related to the order, including when an order was received, when service attempts were made, when the order was actually served, and other pertinent facts.

If the agency has the Larimore CAD System, dispatchers will be alerted if contact is made with a name or vehicle in the Restraining Order System.

Key Features

  • Ability to enter all information related to the Plaintiff and Defendant including vehicles and addresses
  • Robust ‘Search’ functions, with parameters including Plaintiff and Defendant Names, Restraining Order Issue Date, Date of Expiration, Location, and more
  • Fully integrated with Master Name and Master Vehicle systems, automatically updates based on the Name or Vehicle entries
  • Previously entered information can be pulled from Master Name or Master Vehicle system with just a few keystrokes


Sample of Management Reports 

  • Restraining Order Case Abstract
  • Expired or Expiring Orders
  • Active Orders
  • Orders Served