Smart Device/Field Report Writing System

With Larimore’s Smart Device Integration Service (SDIS), users now have access to strategic mobile applications from any authorized smart device.

Officers are able to access Larimore’s Incident Reporting System from their smart devices to perform Field Report Writing. These Field Reports can be created, modified and submitted for approval all from the smart device.

The narrative and data entry on these reports are saved to the database every two minutes to minimize data loss should the smart device lose power or its cell connection. Users can attach photos to a report by selecting them from their devices’ Photo Gallery.

Your Security Administrator has complete control of which devices are authorized to access Larimore Mobile Applications. Multiple levels of authentication are built into the system to prevent any unwanted access to your database. 

If a device is lost or stolen, the administrator can disable the user’s Larimore account, locking that Mobile application from third party access.

Key Features:

  • Record Types included: Report Control, Incident Summary, Offense, Name, Property, Vehicle, Narrative, Photo Attachments
  • Supports full report workflow control including: Secure, Release, Submit, Retract
  • Libraries are dynamically loaded when needed. No data is stored locally on the device
  • Users can view all supported file types attached to their case
  • Data access is protected from SQL injections -Direct data access is not permitted from the device