Incident Reporting System

The Larimore Incident Reporting System is flexible, user friendly, and excels at capturing and delivering the information your agency needs in the most efficient manner.

Whether used as a stand-alone system, or fully integrated with other Larimore systems (CAD, Arrest & Booking, Case Management, others), Incident Reporting is an extremely powerful reporting tool for Law Enforcement agencies.

It is designed to publish high quality, self-building Case Reports. Each Incident Report will dynamically expand to include each type of record entered. The System gives your Administrator the ability to build any number of unique templates, based on Incident type, while the user is guided through the entire report entry process.  

Fully integrated with the Master Name and Master Vehicle Systems, users can pull previously entered information into the Incident Report with a few keystrokes. Partial reports are saved and can be restarted at a later time.

Officers and their supervisors benefit from true supplement reporting, with unlimited supplemental entries per Incident, as well as from the system’s effortless report submission, correction, and approval process.    

Seamlessly integrated with the Larimore UCR/NIBRS System, data is captured to ensure accurate submissions to the State. An enhanced Accident Reporting module is also available if accident drawings and a State authorized report need to capture data from Incident entries.

Powerful Searches, Reports & Comprehensive Data Analysis:

  • Robust ‘Search’ functions are fast and easy to use; search parameters include name, premise, address, incident classification code, property, and many, many more
  • Ability to attach photos, documents, drawings, spreadsheets, recordings, and videos
  • Suite of standard management reports including analysis by Day, Time, Location, Campus, Precinct, Premises
  • Reports can be linked to specific locations: buildings, parking areas, other sites for meaningful crime analysis
  • Unique configuration module provides quick access to settings and security features.